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Artist List

Matabee Goto

Matabee valued peoples’ bonds, wishing the world no conflicts and fights and devoted his life time to express his wishes in the space of canvas. His paintings are creative and express his own ideas and feelings.

Maika Kobayashi

I was born in Tokyo on November 10, 1986. I’m a painter and illustrator who uses acrylic to create detailed, realistic and often fantastical images. After graduating from an art academy in March 2009, I embarked on a career as a freelance illustrator. Inspired by my successful exhibition in New York in 2010, I also developed a general interest in painting. These days I pursue both painting and illustration. My paintings have been exhibited across the country. I have also been commissioned by both individuals and companies to paint many pieces, including murals, logo designs, stage and concert backdrops, packaging designs and album and magazine covers. My paintings have even been shown on national television. In recent years, I’ve started exhibiting more abroad and at the same time my motifs have become increasingly traditional: kimonos, temples, etc. I hope to reach people all over the world with my paintings and illustrations, depicting Japanese culture and themes.

Kokyo Hatanaka

Well-versed on the transformation of Buddhism Art when it moved from India to Japan. Many of , his works are related to Buddhism legend and folk stories customs. As a priest as well as an artist, his theme lies on historical artworks primarily from India. He tries to express deeper thought on meaning of such artworks and meaning of life through his art.

畠中光享 視る

Nobutoshi Masuda

“Even if the world is destroyed tomorrow, I would still plant my apple tree today.” (attributed to Martin Luther)
Why are Nobutoshi Masuda’s paintings so realistic? Is it because he is a painter who depicts reality as is in his art or not? The spirit of God is everywhere, and the truth lies in the details. In his paintings he tries to express holiness in ordinary everyday life and matters we do not pay special attention to.


Japanese artist

Zenzaburo Kojima

Hiroshi Senju

Kazu Wakita

Kigai Kawaguchi

Hiroshi Okano

Wasaburo Itozono

Ichinen Somiya

Setsuko Migishi

Shintaro Suzuki

Kenji Yoshitake

Ryuzaburo Umehara

Keizo Koyama

Saburo Miyamoto

Fumio Nambata

Satoshi Kanai

Syosuke Osawa

Machiko Shishido

Takeshi Hayashi

Masanari Murai

Teruo Yamakawa

Kan Masuda

Yasuo Kuniyoshi

Shozo Shimada

Tsuguharu Fujita

Takeo Yamaguchi

Nui Sano

Masuo Ikeda

Kumi Sugai

Foreign artist

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Marc Chagall

Georges Rouault

Maurice Utrillo

Marie Laurencin

Hannelore Baron


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